The Future of Materials Development.

Machine learning solutions for materials science.

Academic Users

The Organic Materials Database - OMDB

The organic materials database is a free and open access electronic structure database for 3-dimensional organic crystals. It provides tools for search queries based on data mining and machine learning techniques. The universal features provided on our web interface facilitate the identification of functional organic materials for a wide-range of applications.

Business Partners

Materials Discovery

We provide tailored solutions and consultancy services for industrial partners based on data science and artificial intelligence to accelerate the discovery of functional materials fostering the technological advancement of your products.

Materials Marketplace

We provide a community based marketplace where functional materials are identified based on their properties. This novel approach helps to foster an application based communication between customers and materials supplier.

Materials Information

We provide a platform for publishers to link professional literature with our academic materials databases. Our network helps to connect information and publisher products with the specific needs of researchers based on functional materials properties.